Lord & Tiffany: Personal Customizations / Brand Prototypes, Part 1 [Updated February 2021]

Tiff Note: This post consists of previously published singular posts that were originally microblogged on LordAndTiffany.com from the months of June 2020 through August 2020. I've also added a few photos and descriptions that weren't previously posted.

Please Return to Lord & Tiffany / 
Lord & Tiffany Logo Engraved Heart Tag Pendant on a 16" Chain

Lord & Tiffany Extra Large Square Signet Ring 

Lord & Tiffany Velvet Loafers 

Tiff Note: Not my hand, the hand of the horologists

Lord & Tiffany Timepiece, Light Pink Crocodile, Genuine Leather

Lord & Tiffany Varsity Jacket 

Lord & Tiffany Heart Stud Earrings 
*This photo was taken by my jeweler.

Lord & Tiffany Coffee Mug 

Pampered Bourgie Princess T-Shirt 
*This tee has sleeves, it's just folded.
Tiff Note: The best slang form of Bourgeois is spelled 'Bourgie'.

Elements of an ID bracelet and a charm bracelet into one design. Bracelet Details: 'Tiffany', written in my mother's signature from one of my original birth announcements. Lord & Tiffany Heart Charm/‘Lord & Tiffany’ = Jesus Christ is Lord and Tiffany is my first name. 

Lord & Tiffany "Serving Jesus With Style" Motto Silicone Wristbands

Lord & Tiffany Old English Font Engraved Bracelet
Tiff Note: Not my hand.

Lord & Tiffany Face Mask With Gold Mask Chain

'Please Return To Lord & Tiffany' Lord & Tiffany id/charm bracelet 
*This photo was taken by my jeweler.

Lord & Tiffany Blog Cards 

Lord & Tiffany Sweatshirt  

Lord & Tiffany Tumbler. 
Tiff Note: The tumbler is 'Barbie pink' in person.

Lord & Tiffany Baseball Cap/Dad Hat

Lord & Tiffany Full-Zip Golf Jacket

Bourgeois Girls Club  of America Lifetime Member (Not for resale)

Lord & Tiffany T-Shirt (Fitted)