LordAndTiffany.com is where I post about Life & Style from my perspecTIFF (perspective). I established Lord & Tiffany™ in 2014 as a personal lifestyle blog, limited edition lifestyle brand and vital creative outlet during the years I taught at a private pre-school full-time (Tiff Note: I went from teaching to technology.). Through my self-expression, I hope that you learn something useful and are moTIFFvated (motivated) along the way.

The name Lord & Tiffany™ is defined as follows: Jesus Christ is Lord and Tiffany is my first name. My faith in Jesus Christ is very important to me and it is a part of my everyday lifestyle. I believe Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). From time to time, I share aspects of my faith but I believe that seeking Jesus Christ should always be an individual's personal free will choice.

*About the above signature: This is my 1st name, Tiffany, written in my late mother's signature from the original birth announcement that my parents sent to friends and family to notify them of my birth.

Lord & Tiffany Life Moments

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