Private Firearm Training

I have such a respect for firearms. They are a useful self-defense tool. 

I am pro-gun ownership for citizens who are morally intelligent, mentally healthy and firearm trained and educated. God has given us the right and instinct to protect ourselves as well as those who are defenseless! We don't live in a perfect world, therefore, self-defense is necessary.

Tiff Note: To clarify, I don't have a cape on for anyone nor do I stand up for everyone. I am not the poster child or archetype of a 'strong woman' nor am I 'independent' and/or afraid. I shoot for home and self-defense. I also shoot for recreation. It is as simple as that!

On August 26, 2020, I worked on general shooting form, shooting double targets, shooting while kneeling/hiding, shooting while holding a flashlight, etc.

I practiced my form and shooting with a Glock 19 and Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0. Both firearms are comparable and shoot very well.

*With my sister and our instructor

While shooting final rounds, an empty ejected shell casing cut through my jogging pants resulting in a flesh wound on my inner left knee. I am fine. *Sometimes things like this can occur. 

I also like practicing my shooting with a Glock43x. I prefer it because it is comfortable and it fits my grip perfectly!

Gun rights are human rights. Gun rights are women's rights.