Lord & Tiffany 2020 Collective: Celebrating My Birthday, Smoothie Recipes, Consistent and Current Favorites, Etcetera [Updated February 2021]

Tiff Note: This post consists of previously published singular posts that were originally microblogged on LordAndTiffany.com from the months of April 2020 through October/November 2020. I've also added a few photos and descriptions pertaining to the time period/topics discussed below that weren't previously posted. 

    Celebrating My Birthday: October 18th, 2020

    *The lighting was terrible & my curls fell flat.

    Happy Blessed & Fabulous Birthday To Me!

    Thank you, Lord, for keeping me elegant, intelligent, ladylike, gracious, magnifying my inward beauty but also preserving my outward beauty. I am so utterly grateful for my life (the blessings and the lessons) and for you cultivating who I am.

    I always aim to celebrate my birthday by doing something fun and fabulous with my loved ones. I am grateful for every birthday I live to see!

    Tiffany's Summer Smoothie 

    *alter the smoothie ingredients to your liking  

    ½ to 2 cups Orange Juice (Not From Concentrate, Low Acid)
    1 cup Mango Nectar
    1 to 2 cups Strawberries
    2 cups Mango Chunks
    1 cup Kale
    1 to 2 cups Spinach
    1 Avocado  
    1 scoop (7.6g) Non-GMO Super Collagen, Collagen Type 1 & 3 (Powder, Berry Lemon)
    1 capsule Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Type 1 (Powder)
    1 tbsp Organic Hemp Powder 
    1 tbsp Organic Chia Seeds 
    1 capsule Vitamin C With Rose Hips (Powder)
    1 capsule Fo-ti (He-Shou-Wu) (Powder)
    1 capsule Vitamin D Complex, Vitamins D2 & D3 (Powder)
    1 capsule Multi-Vitamin
    1 tbsp Plant Derived Minerals (Liquid)
    1 teaspoon Non-GMO Crystallized Lemon (Powder) or 1 tbsp Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice 

    Tiff Note: I usually like to fortify my body with liquid meals. That is why my smoothies are so intricate. 

    I hope the above smoothies recipes, that I have previously created, help you to maintain great health! 

    Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to intake all of the fruits, vegetables, vitamins and nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis, all at once! 

    Consistent & Current Favorites:

    Must have mints.

    I use this skin cream on my face and body all year round. I love slathering it on my skin after a warm bath or shower. It has a thick consistency that combats even the thought of dry skin.

    Besides small top-handle handbags, totes are my favorite. This blush pink genuine leather tote bag with gold chain straps from Nordstrom is a perfect addition to my handbag collection. 

    Tiff Note: You don't have to always carry handbags with noticeable labels (labels don't make the lady), just make sure the handbag you carry is good quality.

    I've loved mary-jane flats since elementary school. No matter the variation, they are a staple in every lady's classic, preppy and/or feminine wardrobe.   

    Signature Scent

    What I usually smell like. This perfume will always stay in my top 5 rotation.

    My Go-To Nail Polish Color

    I love wearing milky off-white and pale pink colors on my nails. I think these colors are the classiest!

    Ballet Slippers has been one of my favorite nail polish colors since 2007. 

    Tiff Note: I like the look of wearing three coats of  'Ballet Slippers'. I believe a thorough opaque finish is achieved by painting the nails with three (or four) even coats.

    Other nail polish/lacquer colors I opt for...

    Tiff Note: I know they appear to be the same color but they aren't. There are slight differences.

    I love wearing this color on my nails. It is so feminine and classic.

    Perfect pink nail polish for summer or anytime you want Barbie vibes.

    My kind of shot! I liked drinking these before the pandemic and I drink them often during this crazy time in our current history.

    A rotation of lip glosses and balms. 

    Bourgie Vanilla Extract 

    My sister has recently made me aware of this particular brand of vanilla extract. I plan on baking with it (like she does) but I currently like adding it to the coffee I make at home. 

    My Favorite Cinnamon Tea   

    I ordered one box and the company gifted me 3 other boxes.

    Types of tea I'm currently drinking.

    One of the mugs that I opt to drink coffee and tea from. Tiffany Diamond Soup is a pop art print.

    Smoothie Tools

    Pink Lord & Tiffany logo tumbler and a Ninja blender / TiffNote: The tumbler is 'Barbie pink' in person.

    A custom sunglasses chain featuring my name 'Tiffany'.

    Facial mists & sprays are apart of my regular skincare routine.

    Birthday cake is best!

    A cute but sparingly used tweed planner. I love tweed. I especially like adding tweed clothing and accessories to my wardrobe. 

    Hands down, the winning card! I like playing EXIST with my loved ones. 

    Liking these face masks lately. 

    I love roses. Rose scented and flavored everything... including rose kombucha.

    Must-Have Almond Milk

    I'm a coconut and oat milk type of lady but I do like using almond milk as an alternative option. This almond milk is some of the best almond milk I've tasted in a while!

    The sorbet that I usually opt for. So smooth, and delicious. 

    Chocolate-covered strawberry Greek yogurt bars are delicious (the vanilla bars are as well). They give my taste buds chocolate-covered strawberry vibes.


    Whether raw, grilled, baked or sautéed, eat and appreciate vegetables.

    October 2020 

    Yes, I'm short (5'3). Also, I only wore the face mask outside for picture purposes. It's crystallized.

    Archie during his (daytime) naptime, April 2020

    He usually listens to The Silent Watcher during most naps. He enjoys the sounds of nature or the sounds of a fireplace as he sleeps.  

    My petite fur princess smelling peonies. I like to buy her flowers and small plants. She likes smelling and looking at them.

    Whether white or pink, I love peonies.

    Wednesday, September 23, 2020. A flashlight in my left hand, a firearm in my right hand. Practicing one-handed shooting.

    November 2020