7 Essentials Every Lady Should Keep In Her Handbag

I carry a lot of items in my handbag that are germane to my lifestyle but there are essentials that every lady should carry. 

I keep the following seven essentials in my handbag and you should too! 

1. Hand Cream: A lady keeps her hands soft. Dry unkempt hands are unbecoming.

2. Breath Mints: Hot breath isn't haute. Keep breath mints within your reach. Insert them often!

3. Lipstick or Lip Gloss: A go-to lipstick or lip gloss that compliments your skin tone (for daily touchups).

*Tiff Note: I have several signature colors. I also carry more than one lip product. I like the variety!

4. (Stylish) Card Case or Small Wallet: Carry your cards and cash in an organized manner. Don't always depend on cards. Do keep cash on hand.

5. Hand Sanitizer: To clear your lovely hands of germs when you can't wash them.

6. Perfume (Small or Travel Size): Smell lovely for yourself. Others in your presence or who cross your path will reap the benefits too!

7. Sunglasses: I'm almost never without a stylish pair of sunglasses. The right pair of sunglasses can elevate your ensemble and glam up your overall look! Sunglasses can also help you speak without saying a word (e.g. a. I'm stylish yet approachable. b. I'm chic but don't talk to me. c. Leave me alone, I want to stylishly shop in peace. d. Road rage, but make it fashion.). lol, extra.

When I open my handbag, I like to see pretty, feminine and unique things...

Other Handbag Essentials To Consider: 
*small or travel sizes*

Pocket (Facial) Tissue
Wet Wipes
Ponytail Holder
1st Aid Kit
Nail File
Oil Blotting Sheets

~ ~ ~