A Reintroduction To LordAndTiffany.com

Hello, Darlings! It's me...

I’ve decided to revive LordAndTiffany.com and use it for its original purposeblogging about beautyfashion, fitness and lifestyle from my personal point of view! 

I established Lord & Tiffany™ in 2014 as a personal online dossier (lifestyle blog) and place to sell my fashionable faith-based ‘Fashionista For Jesus’ t-shirts, an original design created (and owned) by yours truly! Fashionista For Jesus t-shirts are currently not for sale but maybe I’ll proceed with new products (faith-based as well as products that aren't faith-based but rather fashion and lifestyle focused) in the near future. Maybe. 

Fashionista For Jesus™ T-shirt

Emoji Faces = Protecting Privacy

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Me (with a suntan), when I was an exhausted pre-school teacher 

During the years I taught private pre-school students (full-time), Lord & Tiffany served as a vital creative outlet. The children I taught and the families I interacted with were dear to me but teaching Monday through Friday was very stressful! I’ve since happily retired from teaching pre-school. I took my former profession seriously but I was not passionate about it. While at university, I studied Political Science. I had the desire to become a lawyer but things didn’t work out the way I intended them to (unfortunately).

The chalk message I left behind on the school patio writing area. I chose to cover my last name to retain personal privacy.

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Blogging has always been something that I've enjoyed!

My personal blogging journey began in 2008 with a blog I named ‘The T Life’.

The T Life was fresh and became somewhat notable. It could have been one of the first of its kind if only I knew how to properly cultivate it.  

Tiff Note: I have no association with The T Life, TheTLife.blogspot.com, TheTLife.com and/or its likeness.  

Throughout the years, I created and curated a few other personal blogs, personal social media spaces and the like...

Screen capture of two older blogs I once maintained

My old MySpace header 

My old personal social media logo... (I used this logo 9 or 10 years ago.)

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Home Fabulous Lifestyle Blog Home...

It’s a privilege to be the creator and curator of such a fabulous personal lifestyle blog! LordAndTiffany.com is a reflection of who I am... the godly, the good and the glam! Lord & Tiffany™ is defined as follows: Jesus Christ is Lord and Tiffany is my first name.

Lord & Tiffany™  Business Cards (2015)

Lord & Tiffany™ T-shirt

On Lord & Tiffany, I share fashion sense, fitness motivation, beauty tips, favorite things, etc.

Overview Of Categories
Beauty:  Beauty tips, favorite cosmetics, ways I specifically upkeep my outer beauty by way of skincare, make-up, spa treatments, etc.

Fashion: Personal style, trends, favorite designers, style guides, shopping, etc.
*Sub-categories include...
  • What Tiffany Wore (e.g. looks/outfits)
  • Tiff On Trend (My take on current fashion trends.)
Fitness: Ways I stay healthy and in shape (e.g. workout routines, vitamins/supplements I ingest, favorite healthy snacks, etc.)

Lifestyle: Aspects of my life(style)
*Sub-categories include (but may be subject to change)...
  • Books (e.g. books I'm currently reading, book recommendations, etc.)
  • Daily Life
  • Favorites 
  • Tiff Appétit (e.g. food, recipes, restaurants, etc.)
  • Chic of the Week (The chicest moments of my week.)

    Screen capture of LordAndTiffany.com circa July 2016

    Screen capture of LordAndTiffany.com circa July 2016

    Other past blog screen captures, posts, etc.

    Lord & Tiffany™ and its likeness are original designs created and owned by yours truly!

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    Me, Tiffany.

    Born Fabulous!

    8th Grade Glam

    Posh Pampered Princess, Age 17  

    Life Moments...

    Tiff Facts

    Height: 5'3"  (I'm short. I've been the same height since 7th grade.)  

    Favorite Department Store: Neiman Marcus  

    Cellphone Ringtone: ‘Bourgie, Bourgie’ by Gladys Knight & The Pips // I also love this ‘Bourgie, Bourgie’ remix... it's so good! Listen >> HERE <<

    October 2018

    5 Words To Describe My Personal Style: Feminine, Confident, Glamorous, Preppy and Playful

    Favorite Colors: Pink (Specifically: Blush and Light Pink), Gold and White 

    During My Childhood Years: I studied ballet (modern and jazz). I have such an appreciation for the performing arts! 

    Native Of: Détroit (Michigan, USA) 

    A Detroiter who doesn't disappoint. I was born and bred in Detroit (Long gone and moved on. In many aspects, the Detroit of today is unrecognizable and a place I cannot relate to that is why I support the gentrification of Detroit!). I grew up in a west side neighborhood where Detroiters upheld themselves and their surroundings with class. I had an enjoyable childhood in a safe environment where I simply focused on being an outgoing studious kid. I was blessed to experience a lifestyle in Detroit and in metro-Detroit’s suburban areas. Everyone’s ‘Detroit experience’ is NOT the same. Crime, desolation, negative media, wretchedness, corrupt people, hood rats, thugs, etc., aren't true representations of Detroit and its people as a whole. Many Detroiters, like myself, are classy, cultured, well-spoken and compassionate towards others. Although Detroit often gets a terrible representation, there are still aspects of class and luxury within Detroit. Some Detroit gems shine bright, others, you have to seek. 

    Scripture is style for a Godly life...

    Jesus Christ, The 'Lord' In Lord & Tiffany · My Personal Motto: Serving Jesus With Style

    Faith: Christian (PLEASE READ BELOW)
    • Although I was raised in a loving yet strict conservative Christian/Christ-centered church-attending household, my faith in Jesus Christ roots from a personal choice! He is my Lord & Savior.    
    •  The Holy Bible is real news, Biblical prophecies are today's news headlines!
    • Keep a repentant and sincere heart. 
    • Seek the Lord while He may be found. (Isaiah 55:6-7)
    • Salvation through Jesus Christ is for all people. Jesus Christ loves and died for ALL ethnicities. He does not esteem one ethnic group over another. The Lord looks at the heart, not the outward appearance... · "... For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." -1 Samuel 16:7 · "For there is no respect of persons with God." -Romans 2:11
    • I do not rely on preachers and teachers to spoon-feed me Biblical scripture; I study the Holy Bible/Biblical Scripture for myself ("Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." -2 Timothy 2:15). What I've studied and stored in my heart is continuously with me. 
    • Although I do not depend on or expect ‘preachers and teachers’ to spoon-feed me God’s Word, I am grateful for and respect Holy Ghost-filled and knowledgeable Christian leaders (e.g. pastors, ministers, teachers, etc.) Specifically: David Wilkerson, Emery Moss, George William Bogle Sr., G. Craige Lewis, George Bogle, Derek Prince, R.D. Henton, Charles Lawson, Dr. Kent Hovind, Amir Tsarfati, Jack Van Impe, Jacob Prasch, John Haller, etc. 
    •  You need to understand why and what you believe. (*It is ok to ask sincere questions.) 
    • Modern-day ‘Pharisees’ do exist. Pharisees are religious judgmental hypocritical individuals; They are NOT real Christians! Too many fake so-called 'Christians' pretend to love the Lord and people but their actions and the way they live their lives are contrary to what they say they believe. 
    • Going to church doesn’t automatically make someone a Christian. There are many snakes and wolves that attend church services.
    • Seeking Jesus Christ should always be a personal choice.
    Seeking Christ should always be a personal choice.

    I Enjoy


    (*Reading Book: March 2019 · *Gray Jeans: October 2018 · *White Tank Top: Summer 2017)

    I enjoy reading, collecting books, browsing around bookstores and visiting libraries regularly. 

    (PS. Yes, I am wearing a Darth Vader mask! May the fabulous-ness be with you!)

    Sailing/Yacht Clubs/Marinas
    TIFF Note: *Sailing with my dad or with trusted family friends. Not ever sailing with weirdos or randoms (ew)

    (*Clueless Tee: Summer 2016 {My tan was the bomb!} · *Pink Polo Shirt: Summer 2005)

    I enjoy sailing! I also love spending time at yacht clubs and marinas.

    Afternoon Tea/Tea Parties/Tea

    *In thought as I was beginning to tuck my hair behind my ear.

    (Argyle Cardigan: October 2018 · *Houndstooth Blazer: October 2017 | **Tiff Note: Normally, I would have removed my tea bag but it was still steeping.

    I enjoy having afternoon tea and attending tea parties! I am also very picky about the tea I drink. I usually like tea that has been infused with flowers or tea that has roses incorporated in its raw form.

    Art Museums

    (*Sitting: Tanned & surrounded by art, July 2015 · *Green Puffer Vest: Noel Night, December 2017)

    I enjoy leisurely strolling the hallways and taking in the art on display at an art museum. I also love discussing art and giving my own interpretation(s) of the art in question.


    (Spring 2007)

    I love to travel! I started traveling when I was a little girl (with my parents and older sister). I don't travel as often as I'd like but when I travel, I always have the best experiences (God willing, may I always have the best experiences)! 

    Other Things I Enjoy: 

    Going to the ballet, fashion, shopping, running/jogging, studying Bible prophecy, blogging (of course!), cooking (healthy yet delicious meals), baking from scratch (using all natural and/or organic ingredients) and coconut milk vanilla lattes

    ~ ~ ~

    My Late Mother...

    (My Mother...*Red Cami Top: In her 20s · *White Top & Ray-Ban Sunglasses: During a 4th of July celebration in the early 1990s · *Black Dress, Gold Chanel Necklace & Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Attending my sister's graduation in the 1990s)

    Among other things, my mother helped me establish my high self-esteem/self-worth and sense of style by the time I turned five. 

    A post shared by Tiffany (@lordandtiffany) on

     She was one of my biggest cheerleaders! She is truly missed.

    ~ ~ ~

    October 2016

    I aim to inspire yet be relatable. I hope this blog encourages you to catapult your most fabulous self forward! Come back often and comment respectfully.

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