Sunday, April 26, 2020

Bourgie Vanilla Extract

My sister has recently made me aware of Rodelle's Organic Vanilla Extract. I plan on baking with it (like she does) but I currently like adding it to the coffee I make at home.

My at-home coffee consists of... Nescafe, coconut milk, organic coconut milk creamer, (usually) organic vanilla extract and a bit of organic cane sugar! 

New Nail Polish

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

PoinTIFFview: Liberty and Lockdown

I like staying home (regardless) but I refuse to live in fear.

Yes, this virus (manmade and planned) is real but there is a global agenda at play. This world continues to become '1984'.

I had the Swine influenza / H1N1 in 2009 (I most likely contracted via traveling on an airplane). I was very ill for 3 days. I did not infect others (Thank God!). I had no underlying health conditions. I am a long-time health and fitness enthusiast with a strong immune system. I forced the virus out of my body by way of sweating, fasting, eating fresh fruits/vegetables and drinking h20 as well as electrolyte based beverages. *TIFF Note: It is so important to keep your health intact so that when viruses and sickness try to attack your immune system, you can fight them off efficiently! Take care of your health! Make it one of your top priorities!

2009's H1N1 pandemic lasted 19 months. There were 1,632,710 confirmed cases. It killed (as many as) half-a-million people worldwide but the world didn't shut down just because I (and many others) got sick. (Is the Obama Administration to blame? Yet many of you say that the Trump Administration isn't currently doing enough.)

If YOU are scared, have a weak immune system, are currently sick, have underlying health conditions, are pregnant, and/or taking care of those who are at risk... stay home! Remember: Everyone isn't YOU.

Yes, I believe that there should be precautions and certain restrictions but the world shouldn't become a prison planet! Where is the balance between liberty and lockdown?

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -Benjamin Franklin

PS: Don't blindly follow the tribalism groupthink narrative. In the age of information, do your own extensive research and draw your own intelligent conclusion(s). Be selective/vigilant with what you willingly view/listen to. Don't allow yourself to be programmed/bewitched by people, television, movies, social media, music, etc. Be aware of predictive programming, subliminal messaging, symbols, color codes, numbers, signs, agendas, etc.

Don't get caught up in sensationalism, think rationally. Use (and pray for) wisdom and discernment...

No matter what, get right with the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent.

Archie At Naptime

Yesterday :)

He usually listens to The Silent Watcher during most naps. He enjoys the sounds of nature as he sleeps. He's spoiled.